About Us

P – Tower is a building with 11 floors and a basement with a total floor area of about 3000m2 designed modern, multi-functional, efficient use, beautiful architecture, harmony with the urban landscape area.
The building’s 100m2 building with heated glass doors, digital surveillance cameras located in 24/24 operating positions.

The first floor of the building is being used by the Meditec Polyclinic.

Floor 2 is currently selected by Bao Viet Insurance as a branch.


Coming to the third floor is Hong Nhung aesthetic center is in use.

Floors 4 and 5 are Pham Duong Dental Clinic.


The 7th, 8th and the 9th floor are empty. With 200m2 is the area on the 7th floor, 8th floor and 145m2 on the 9th floor. Promising to be a beautiful space for companies and businesses to choose their office.

Coming to the 10th floor is MCG Management Consulting Company.


Finally, the 11th floor of Laro Arts Center.

The elevator of the building is arranged scientific, reasonable and convenient for travel. The office is designed modern, minimizing the pillars are very convenient for the functional subdivision in the floor. Especially, the exterior of the building is fitted with tempered glass doors which are very safe, withstand the impact of strong shocks and create a spacious work space, which can observe the panorama of the outer space and take advantage of natural light. Convenient way. Standard designed toilets, including two separate and modern men and women, are clean and modern.



The building uses high-end durable materials: aluminum ceilings with lush tones, high-quality glass and aluminum finishes make a difference. 24/24 camera system to observe safety and convenience.


With reasonable space, convenient location and transportation, P – Tower office tenants enjoy all facilities as well as work in a modern, modern environment.